COCO+CO. | 2016 January
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January 2016

23 Jan Fall, 2015

It’s Time for a Change Reintroducing COCO+CO. on its Silver Anniversary COCO+CO. has never pretended to have a monopoly on creative ideas. Instead, over the past quarter century, it gave its client partners the refinements, tools and strategic know-how to bring their visionary concepts to customers and prospects. With the fun, speed and promise of so today’s do-it-yourself technologies, many companies are ready to express their most creative instincts and, optimally, control costs by bringing services in-house. Unfortunately, many of these efforts fall short because of a lack of training, discipline and the correct technology and security protocols. That’s about to change. Achieving many firsts over the past 25 years, COCO+CO. reassembled the artificially fragmented disciplines of advertising, marketing communications and public relations. In essence,...

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23 Jan COCO+CO. provides clients with ‘Cloud Control’

WARD HILL, Mass.—COCO+CO., anticipating emerging trends, is providing clients with more creative influence, greater control and maximum cost savings with the company’s new ‘Cloud Control.’ COCO+CO. clients now have as much control as they wish over advertising, Web and other marketing programs with a new Web- and smartphone-based application. Clients now may use computers, iPhones or iPads to define strategic goals, view projects, review proofs, monitor expenses and track outcomes. “More than two decades ago, COCO+CO. started a revolution—creating the concept that the many forms of advertising, public relations and marketing were, in reality, only one business function. After all, clients simply seek to send messages to audiences and derive benefits,” said COCO+CO. President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Coco. “Before that,...

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