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Brand Transitioning

Brand Transitioning

Brand positioning is often the tool used when making a fresh start. However, if your existing business is making a dramatic change and still needs to carry forward years of trust and confidence, brand transitioning is a must.

Successful brand transitioning starts with serious questions and solid goals. What are you trying to achieve? What has changed? How is your current brand perceived? What is it about your existing identity that inhibits growth? Who are you targeting?

Once clear objectives have been established, an assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and current identity is required. You will need to determine the “personality” of the new brand, organizational associations and brand symbols (logos, colors, typestyles, etc.). These must resonate with the target audience. As evidenced here, these exercises require a careful blend of strategy and creativity.

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Case studies

New bank name delivers trust, supports long-term growth

When a well-known bank decided on a name change, it understandably worried customers and prospects might perceive the bank as reducing its community commitment or becoming too big and distant.

In fact, the institution had very much capitalized on its competitors’ mergers and resulting name changes—dramatically growing market share. Yet, it still sought to simplify and update its name, but maintain more than a century of brand awareness and trust.

There were also logistical considerations: simultaneously updating signage at multiple locations, replacing collateral materials, updating computer-generated forms, relaunching its Web presence, changing telephone scripts and caller ID text, and executing more than a thousand other subtle moves. Just as important was the need to ensure any outdated identity pieces wouldn’t gradually creep back into use and dilute the transitioned brand.

In the end, Coco’s Brand Transitioning process achieved the bank’s goals. A new logo and slogan, building on longtime associations, was rolled out on time, within budget and delivered brand consistency across media.

More than a brand update, the effort created renewed visibility, demonstrated necessary differentiation and improved cross-selling opportunities. The institution built on the resulting success by adding branches and completing several acquisitions, including a rare bank and credit union merger.

Newly independent software developer grows to new heights

A Paris-based software developer found itself virtually without an identity after managers bought out the company from within an international conglomerate.

Newly independent, the company ran the risk of losing the confidence not only of thousands of existing licensees, but also of analysts, trade media and other important sources of influence. It needed to carry forward a legacy of trust and competence even under a now-unrecognizable name.

Coco conducted a careful evaluation of the company’s principal product and potential new markets and used the data to serve as the foundation of a major brand transitioning effort. New collateral material, trade show participation, white papers and a specific focus on third party “influencers” delivered unrivaled success. Over the long term, the developer kept customer attrition below even expected levels, delved into new markets and substantially grew its international installed base.

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