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Blue Chips Newsletter

23 Jan Fall, 2015

It’s Time for a Change Reintroducing COCO+CO. on its Silver Anniversary COCO+CO. has never pretended to have a monopoly on creative ideas. Instead, over the past quarter century, it gave its client partners the refinements, tools and strategic know-how to bring their visionary concepts to customers and prospects. With the fun, speed and promise of so today’s do-it-yourself technologies, many companies are ready to express their most creative instincts and, optimally, control costs by bringing services in-house. Unfortunately, many of these efforts fall short because of a lack of training, discipline and the correct technology and security protocols. That’s about to change. Achieving many firsts over the past 25 years, COCO+CO. reassembled the artificially fragmented disciplines of advertising, marketing communications and public relations. In essence,...

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