June, 2014
Issue No. 61

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Market with confidence

Success rates grow with ‘Cloud Control’

Client Spotlight: Haverhill Bank



COCO+CO.’s mission is to help client partners ethically win market leadership and stakeholder respect by uniquely achieving a harmony of strategic and creative resources.  Objective, experienced and audience-centered, the resulting public relations, advertising and marketing programs will earn trust, respect and confidence.

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Email Marketing Essentials

The industry’s best-looking and most well read email newsletters. Back-end features report who opened and shared them, when and how many times; integrate content automatically with social media; manage subscribers; and more.

Custom Content Web/Mobile

Custom Content always offer a professional presence, integration with social media, advanced navigation, intuitive user tools, multimedia abilities and search engine optimization. Available in Managed-Basic, Managed-Advanced and Self-Service Advanced.

Secure Social Media Management

Secure Social Media Management offers a professional ‘look and feel,’ consistent branding, regulatory compliance and affordability. Complete online reputation management with full moderation control ensures maturity, no embarrassing posts and enhanced security.

About COCO+CO.

Organizations looking for expert marketing assistance turn to COCO+CO., a full-service advertising agency with a depth of experience spanning nearly a quarter century. These companies seek—and receive— expertise, commitment and reliability.

Bricks & mortar, literally, ensure reliability & quality

COCO+CO. operates from dedicated, modern and fully equipped facilities in an easily accessible office park. Experienced and talented staff quickly deliver blue-chip materials using the latest industry standard, high-end and state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Measurable protection = peace of mind

You’ve gone to great lengths to protect your company from liability and your data from getting lost or stolen. Can you be sure your vendors are so diligent? Only COCO+CO. provides full business liability and Workers Compensation; data security with military-grade 448-bit encryption standards; off-site backup featuring power redundancy, cooling and fire protection; and certified licensing of intellectual property.

Accountability you can monitor in real time

Clients long ago realized that, while it seems less costly to turn to uninsured contractors or home-based businesses, there is too much risk. Further, they know deep levels of vendor outsourcing sacrifices quality, security, accountability and timeliness. Again, only COCO+CO. offers you more creative influence, greater control and maximum cost savings through full “cloud control.” Check on the status of your projects or offer your input via a Web interface or smartphone app.

Zealously ethical principles bring trust

COCO+CO. not only meets these necessarily stringent requirements, but also uniquely offers the defined and proprietary Connections Process; a mix of creative and strategic disciplines under one roof; important contacts; and a zealously ethical reputation backed by a binding Resolution of Principles.

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Thomas Piketty

Get the last laugh
Steve Jobs, who went on to make Apple one of the valuable companies on Earth, was underestimated when he was fired from his own company in 1985. (Creative Commons)

Market with confidence
Don’t let insecure people underestimate you

By Tim Coco
President and chief executive officer

Do you feel underestimated in your business dealings or personal business? Your answer plays a giant role in how you present your business or organization to prospects and customers.

In my dealings with COCO+CO. clients over a nearly quarter century, I discovered many businesses, owners and managers sell themselves short. They charge prices less than they deserve, market defensively rather than with confidence and are much too willing to cave to fast-talking, egocentric competitors over a prized prospect.

Ask, ‘is it me?…’

There are many dynamics in play. The historical socio-economic conditions where your business and/or prospects are based and other attributes may play roles. It has been said growing up and working in less affluent communities predisposes individuals to accepting less and, perhaps, fighting less. Parallels have also been drawn on the impact of poverty in childhood on future self-esteem.

“In the 1994 book, Wasting America's Future, the Children's Defense Fund estimates that every year of child poverty at current levels will cost the nation at least $36 billion in lost future productivity alone, because poor children will be less educated and less effective workers,” write Amy Driscoll and Nancy G. Nagel in “Early Childhood Education: Birth - 8: The World of Children, Families, and Educators.”

As I wrote in an earlier newsletter , feelings of low self-esteem may cause you to accept less than you deserve or copy other people in your industry that you insecurely believe to be superior. Follow proven principles, but be original and find your own way.

Or, ‘is it you?’

Interestingly, the reverse has also been reported as true. Frank Furedi, a professor of sociology at the University of Kent at Canterbury, said high self-esteem can be destructive as it “makes people respond aggressively when their inflated self-image is threatened by criticism or perceived insult.” (See report)

If an egomaniac insists your service or product costs too much or is otherwise defective, consider the criticism objectively and act accordingly. It might make sense to walk away and focus on prospects that value your offerings.

How to gain confidence—but not too much of it if Furedi is correct—is outside the scope of this article. You may wish to read self-help articles or, at least, engage in deep reflection. Consider, however, the lesson of Steve Jobs, one of Apple’s co-founders and chief executive. He was underestimated by his own company and fired by John Sculley in 1985. When he later returned as CEO, Jobs went on to make Apple one of the most valuable companies on Earth. Last fall, Sculley reflected on his decision.

“What would have happened if we hadn’t have had that showdown?...I did not have the breadth of experience at that time to really appreciate just how different leadership is when you are shaping an industry… My sense is that there could have been a different outcome.”

To learn how COCO+CO.’s blue chip Connections Process can help your business grow, call 978.374-1900.

Success rates grow with ‘Cloud Control
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Client Spotlight

Haverhill Bank’s 2013 Annual Report was recently produced by COCO+CO. Besides financial information, the report details Haverhill Bank’s commitments to communities it serves. Visit Haverhill Bank online to see the downloadable version.

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