COCO+CO. | Fall, 2015
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Fall, 2015

23 Jan Fall, 2015

It’s Time for a Change

Reintroducing COCO+CO. on its Silver Anniversary

COCO+CO. has never pretended to have a monopoly on creative ideas. Instead, over the past quarter century, it gave its client partners the refinements, tools and strategic know-how to bring their visionary concepts to customers and prospects.

With the fun, speed and promise of so today’s do-it-yourself technologies, many companies are ready to express their most creative instincts and, optimally, control costs by bringing services in-house. Unfortunately, many of these efforts fall short because of a lack of training, discipline and the correct technology and security protocols.

That’s about to change.

Achieving many firsts over the past 25 years, COCO+CO. reassembled the artificially fragmented disciplines of advertising, marketing communications and public relations. In essence, it was the first to advise clients to ignore the wide array of distribution vehicles (brochures, ads, etc.) and focus instead on simply placing the right message in all the right places. The right message is one that instantly resonates with consumers and business buyers—it’s truth on its face. The right places are those carefully selected vehicles where, research shows, end users turn for credible information.

Moreover, client partners never needed to research the next big thing. COCO+CO. continues to be among the first to grasp, test and implement new technologies. In fact, it was one of the first advertising agencies in the northeast to add Web design to its portfolio and, a short time later, social media.

Most importantly, COCO+CO. continues to develop and grow its vast knowledge base of best practices in persuasion, technology and security. It also uses the sheer volume of client print and digital outputs to secure rock bottom prices for Web hosting, printing and more. A zealously ethical Resolution of Principles backs all offerings.

First of its Kind Service Helps You Launch or Bolster In-House Marketing

Unlike others, COCO+CO. does not seek to buck the trend of clients bringing these services in-house. Instead, the company embraces it and offers its support, rich experience and blue chip resources. After all, there are many design and production services and virtual commodity pricing has set in. Rather than engage in a race to the bottom, COCO+CO. is again turning an industry on its head.

Many of you will continue to outsource strategy and production in order to remain focused on your core products and services. For others, COCO+CO.’s breakthrough Marketing and Public Relations Management services help you unleash your creative and cost-savings potentials.

You’ll receive cost-effective technology selection advice—computers, software, networking, military-grade security and backup; training and mentoring; support; Beneficial Benchmarks(SM) for measuring effectiveness; Bulk Discount Purchasing Power; Coco Cloud Control; and zealously ethical consultation.

If you’re ready to move your organization to the next level, call me at (978) 374-1900, ext. 111, email or visit

Tim Coco
President and Chief Executive Officer

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