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Full-Service Advertising Agency

Dominate the Marketplace

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To succeed, institutions must connect with audiences. The concept seems simple enough, but the reality is they need a precisely tailored message that appears frequently, consistently and where targets gather.

Connections Process

Quite simply, COCO+CO.’s Connections Process helps you to realize your goals with a carefully integrated multi-phase program involving Beneficial Benchmarks (SM), Strategic Preparation, Creative Execution and Outcome Measurement.

1) Beneficial Benchmarks(SM)

For best results, all services are predicated on a detailed review of operations and systems as they relate to marketing.

COCO+CO.’s unique Beneficial Benchmarks compares the organization’s marketing process, procedures and techniques against industry standard best practices. Particular areas of scrutiny include culture, vision, goal setting, roles and responsibilities, decision-making and approvals, compliance, workflow, deployed tools, file sharing, security protocols, vendor procurement and management, licensing and execution.

2) Strategic Preparation

This phase involves an intensive, methodical and research-based exploration of your goals, target audiences, internal and external forces, competitors, unique selling proposition (USP) and much more. The result is critical counsel and expert implementation aimed at:

  • Assembling a program focused solely on meeting goals.
  • Creating and maintaining a consistent brand identity.
  • Choosing the most appropriate vehicles – print, broadcast, online and/or outdoor.

It is no longer possible, if it ever was, to reach all of your prospects by advertising in a single medium. The age of mass marketing has given way to a proliferation of new media formats and distribution channels. COCO+CO. helps client partners select the best, most cost-effective mix of television, radio, newspaper, guerrilla marketing, direct mail and other efforts.

3) Creative Execution

Success requires your business to have a consistent message that is presented creatively and delivered by whatever means necessary — print, broadcast, online or outdoor — to reach your audiences.

While most outside corporate communications firms weight some disciplines higher than others, COCO+CO. delivers equal levels of expertise in advertising, interactive, public relations and strategy. Using the plan delivered during the Strategic Preparation phase, a Creative Board marshals in-house resources and delivers any combination of skills necessary to deliver the Right Message in all the Right Places.

Best results occur when your audiences discover “what’s in it for me?” COCO+CO.’s “audience-centered” materials help you communicate your unique selling proposition (USP), but always from your targets’ perspectives. This approach also ensures the media receive materials in the form they require and considers the impact on messages received by “unintended” audiences. The result is:

  • Attention-getting campaigns that break through marketplace “noise.”
  • Audience-centered messages.
  • Brand consistency across media.
  • Balance of strategy and creativity.
  • Highest and best use of selected media.


4) Outcome Measurement

Marketing is an investment and ultimately determines success or failure of programs, offerings or even the organization itself.

COCO+CO. works with you to scientifically test predictions, review outcomes, make mid-course corrections where needed and enjoy unparalleled success.

Full Cloud Control

You want more creative influence, greater control and maximum cost savings. That’s why COCO+CO. has done it again—reinvented the modern advertising agency!

For the first time ever, you have it all

You have as much control as you wish over your advertising, Web and other marketing programs with COCO+CO.’s new cloud control. Use your computer, iPhone or iPad to define strategic goals, view projects, monitor expenses and track outcomes.

More than two decades ago, COCO+CO. started a revolution—creating the concept that the many forms of advertising, public relations and marketing were, in reality, only one business function. After all, you simply seek to send messages to audiences and derive benefits. Before that, organizations were forced to work with separate vendors and sacrificed control, consistency and efficiency.

Online, mobile and social media have since joined the mix. When the “next big thing” arrives, you are assured COCO+CO. will properly work it into the tool chest.

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