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Guided Do-It-Yourself

Full-Service, Do-It-Yourself or Any Combination…

More organizations are considering bringing marketing and advertising duties in house. Cost savings, accountability and reduced handoffs are among the benefits.

Success, however, requires much more than just a computer and an enthusiastic team. It requires strategic planning, choosing appropriate software, effective workflow, secure connectivity, persuasive writing skills, understanding layout fundamentals, access to the latest social media skills, effective measurement tools and more.

Whether you seek to delegate it all, bring it in-house or some combination, COCO+CO. can help. COCO+CO. is best equipped to help you succeed since it invented some of the very marketing principles and techniques that have proven effective over the last 25 years.

Much more than coaching, consulting or production, COCO+CO. delivers a first-of-its-kind service to help you launch or bolster your in-house marketing program—from talent to systems.


For those with exceptional in-house talent or with limited budgets, COCO+CO. can help you create your own internal advertising agency. Services, detailed below, help you get started and deliver ongoing support.

Beneficial Benchmarks

For best results, all services are predicated on a detailed review of operations and systems as they relate to marketing.

COCO+CO.’s unique Beneficial Benchmarks compares the organization’s marketing process, procedures and techniques against industry standard best practices. Particular areas of scrutiny include culture, vision, goal setting, roles and responsibilities, decision-making and approvals, compliance, workflow, deployed tools, file sharing, security protocols, vendor procurement and management, licensing and execution.

Training and Mentoring

Learn about creating an effective but straightforward marketing plan, determining your enterprise’s unique selling proposition; writing audience-centered copy; executing creative theory; a lead generation network; and more. One-on-one or group training is available.

One-Stop Tech Set-up

Receive help choosing and installing industry-standard software and budget-friendly computers that are up to the job, ensure connectivity with legacy networks, enable secure tele-commuting, military-grade encryption, backup systems and more.


Enjoy peace of mind with continuing support. You’ll receive help with day-to-day tasks, technical troubleshooting, ongoing training, emerging compliance issues and more.

Blue Chip Resources

Pool your projects with others for great savings in print, broadcast, online and outdoor vehicles; access high-end photography, mailing lists and media distribution services; outsource larger projects (see Portfolio pages), and more.

Outcome Measurement

Marketing is an investment and ultimately determines success or failure of programs, offerings or even the organization itself.

COCO+CO. works with you to scientifically test predictions, review outcomes, make mid-course corrections where needed and enjoy unparalleled success.

Use the inquiry form for an evaluation of your needs.