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Total Audience Awareness

Reach That CEO in Pajamas at 2 a.m.!

Total_Audience_AwarenessWith the advent of busier-than-ever workdays and the proliferation of mobile tools, the 9 to 5 world just doesn’t exist for most people. Like you, they are browsing and buying—often impulsively—at all hours of the day and night. Companies that keep the porch light on are getting a disproportionate of the business.

COCO+CO.’s Total Audience Awareness plan addresses the marketer’s problem of needing to be seen everywhere, all of the time. Anything else risks missing critical opportunities in today’s 24-hour-a-day, highly competitive decision-making cycle.

Total Audience Awareness is an affordable, market-saturation approach that’s intuitive, yet oddly overlooked by others. It builds on COCO+CO.’s 25 years of experience, presenting brands consistently and repetitiously across all media.

Moreover, business people are looking for greater convenience with all-in-one tools, all-in-one place, to accomplish certain marketing tasks they’d rather handle themselves. They want flexible programs that meet their budgets and needs.

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Backed by Proven Tools and Techniques

COCO+CO.’s Total Audience Awareness is backed by one or more of the following, proven tools and techniques.

Connections Process

Figure 1

Figure 1. (Click to view or download PDF.)

Connecting with audiences. That’s all there is to achieving your marketing and image goals. It seems simple enough, but the devil is in the details: crafting the right message, choosing the vehicles, properly allocating your budget to make the best use of each medium and so much more.

COCO+CO.  invented the intuitive, yet decidedly revolutionary, “Connections Process” (See Figure 1) to effectively sort out these unwieldy yet vital details. This unique approach begins with a determined strategy and is then implemented across all media – print, broadcast, online and outdoor, as appropriate.

A Creative Board marshals in-house resources and delivers any combination of print, broadcast, online and outdoor skills necessary to deliver the Right Message in all the Right Places. Even more importantly, COCO+CO.’s unique audience-centered approach delivers measurable results.

Beneficial Benchmarks

For best results, services are predicated on a detailed review of operations and systems as they relate to marketing.

COCO+CO.’s unique Beneficial Benchmarks compares the organization’s marketing process, procedures and techniques against industry standard best practices. Particular areas of scrutiny include culture, vision, goal setting, roles and responsibilities, decision-making and approvals, compliance, workflow, deployed tools, file sharing, security protocols, vendor procurement and management, licensing and execution.

Blue Chip Resources

Pool your projects with others for great savings in print, broadcast, online and outdoor vehicles; access high-end photography, mailing lists and media distribution services; outsource larger projects, and more.

Outcome Measurement

Marketing is an investment and ultimately determines success or failure of programs, offerings or even the organization itself.

COCO+CO. works with you to scientifically test predictions, review outcomes, make mid-course corrections where needed and enjoy unparalleled success.

Red Phone 24-Hour Media Hotline

It is critically important to respond to all media inquiries in a timely manner. To help, COCO+CO. provides an optional 24-hour hotline for full-service clients.

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